Ireland’s 1st wildfarmed pizzeria

Jun 14, 2024 | pizza news

Life changing pizza requires life changing flour! We’ve gone and made a big change to our pizza process, and it’s one for the better, in many ways. We are officially the first pizzeria in Ireland using Wildfarmed Flour for our dough and the difference is fantastic; taste being the most important difference, but using this flour also makes a huge difference to the land the wheat is grown on, to the farmers growing it, to the crop supply chain and of course to you, the end user.        

        So who are Wildfarmed and what makes them different from other flour producers? Well, let me give you the spiel! Founded in the UK in 2018, Wildfarmed is a regenerative food and farming brand on a mission to transform landscapes. That word ‘regenerative’ is one you may hear a lot of in the coming years because it is an integral part of the EU’s plan to reach emission targets by 2030. This is a good thing. So Wildfarmed has been championing a method of farming that improves soil health, gives farmers a fair price for their crops, and gives the end user a better tasting product. It has done this by rallying a community of farmers and businesses across Europe together to fix the current broken food system.  

         So what’s different in the field? Well, Wildfarmed farmers grow wheat in a way that increases in-field biodiversity and restores soil health, making the landscapes full of life once more, as opposed to what we currently see; monoculture farming heavily reliant on fertilisers and pesticides. This regen method increases carbon absorption and makes the soil much healthier year on year, giving rise to higher yields and negating the need for increasingly costly fertilisers and other chemicals. By growing with nature, Wildfarmed is tackling climate change, and changing the future of food for good.

To see more about Wildfarmed flour and what the company is doing, head to They have recently launched into retail with their range of Wildfarmed breads in Waitrose, and they’re heavily featured on Series 3 of Clarkson’s Farm, where Andy and George take on one of Jeremy’s fields to demonstrate their farming method and prove its viability. You can of course taste some of this beautiful Wildfarmed pizza by dropping into us or ordering online at